Friday, June 25, 2010

Confessions of a...

Let me say it..
Please don't stop me..
Today let me open up, open my heart and tell you what I really feel.
I don't know whether it's my mistake or yours.I don't even wanna know anything. I don't wanna sit here and reevaluate things. No..No No No.. coz this is not a blame game. This is not a fictional story. Everything is true. Its about two hearts which were inseparable but but alas! had to separate from the other. I still don't believe its true. Yeah , I really don't. Coz all I know is,It was love , pure love. No restrictions or limitations can be imposed on it. Noone can stop loving their love. And there cant be an end to love. No there isn't an end. Never.
You may say I was wrong, its my fault. If accepting it would make you right then I'll happily accept it. Coz I can never see you wrong , You can never be wrong. I know that. Coz among us you are the one with a little amount of brain. :) :(
I still remember the way we used to talk, your hugs and infinite number of kisses. I can still feel them. Those cuddles, the way you used to say you love me. Its bliss..eternal bliss.
But things have changed. Changed alot or Is it you who's pretending to have changed in to a man who has no feelings?
Is it is true then all I gotta say is , please don't do that. Please..
Are you doing these things to make me hate you?
If such is the case , then trust me baby that can never happen. I can never ever hate you.
Coz I know , behind that wall there is a heart still beating , still waiting to hear those words but is not ready to confess. I know you baby. I really do.
I know you are watching me , with your hand right on my head and protecting me just like an angel , my Guardian Angel.
I Miss You so much.
Please don't hesitate to tell me the truth. Its just me honey. You can see me through. I wont complain, I wont fight , i wont argue , I wont even even utter a single word. I will just take you in my arms , lay your head over my heart and let you listen what my heart wanna say to you.
I Love You Honey.
Remember its never too late. Its your heart which I still call my home.
You were , are and will remain my one true love :)
I Miss You.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm still the same..The same innocent girl.. :)

Atlast , I’m successful in making everyone believe that,

That I’m fine

I’m living my life rather enjoying my present,

Leaving the past behind me,

Those tears are coz of happiness,

Those mood off’s are coz I’m mad at someone,

Yeah.. I’ve build a glass shield around me,

People see what they want to see in me,

Not the one I wanna show


Maybe I don’t wanna show it anymore,

Coz it sure gonna hurt them.

I walk in the rain coz I love to walk in the rain,

No No No..

I'm just hiding my tears,

Yeah, The doesn't find the difference in my smile anymore,

When I stand alone and look at the night sky,

They think I’m trying to count the stars,

And laugh at my stupidity,

But they doesn’t know that I’m trying to find a wishing star,

A star which fulfills my secret wishes,

They think I’m happily sleeping under the blanket,

But noone knows that I’m shedding a million tears there,

Coz nothing has changed ,

I’m still the same innocent girl,

Who loves someone with all her heart,

And knows that , that person is suppressing his love,

I can feel it,

But don’t dare to show it to him,

And it hurts me more.

Maybe noone can ever notice it,

Or maybe I would never show.