Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Miss You

Finally the day has come when I was given a chance to see you.

I was starving for this one single chance.

It was a full moon day.

Sky was never this beautiful,

It was decorated with stars and moon was beaming out.

I was standing at your door, waiting for you to sleep.

I see you but I couldn't utter a a word.

My mouth was stitched.

When you were asleep,

I slowly entered your room and sat beside You.

I could touch you.

My eyes were filled with tears, tears out of pain and happiness.

I ran my hand smoothly through your hair,the way you always loved.

My lips were dry, they craved for your yours but were unable to reach out for them.

I kissed you on your forehead.

You were restless.

I blew some air near your neck,

You were relaxed.

I was starring at you,

Trying to capture your face in my eyes , mind and heart

I don't know when will I get this chance again.

I was silently praying to god not to send the sun.

I never wanted the moon to leave,

I just wanted to stop the time.

I implored the sun not to come out soon.

But even he is a puppet of time , he had to come out.

I don't wanna leave but I'm supposed to , that was the deal.

I got up,

Moved towards you,

With teary eyes I landed a kiss on your forehead and whispered "I Love You" in your ears.

I turned.

Someone was holding my hand,

I turned back.

I could see you opening your eyes .

I could hear the words which I desperately wanna hear from you,

It was " I Love You too "

I wanted to be in your arms , cry till the pain drains.

I was thirsty.

With my eyes closed ,I moved towards you.

Everything was ceased,

I reached for your lips,

My lips were just a moment away from its destination.

A ray of light fell on my face.

I slowly opened my eyes.

Suddenly everything turned in to a bizarre.

It was a dream,

I was lying on my bed.

You are not here.

I just dreamt of you again.

Tears trickled down my eyes

I Miss You