Saturday, December 31, 2011

Celebrating New Years' Eve..

It’s the New Years’ Eve , I’m sitting here watching HIMYM exactly the way I’ve planed it to be.

Yup! This time no celebration , nothing . Not coz I don’t want to , but because things have drastically changed. I’m in a new place where I don’t really have company except a tiny little girl who smiles at me and wanna play with me.

I miss the running and wandering around the market to buy the decorative items and snacks.

I miss the time when I literally wanted to be online to talk to someone , but couldn’t as I had to rush to the veranda , to brain-storm with my friends on new ways to decorate our floor.

I miss the time when we were still busy sticking the balloons to the roof when its just 30 seconds before the midnight - before we officially welcome the new year.

I miss jumping in the air and bursting the balloons.

I miss cutting the cake with my friends.

I miss rubbing the cream on my friends’ face.

I miss clicking those pictures.

I miss burning those crackers.

And when we had enough , we used to sit on the stairs and make plans for the morning, yeah! I miss that too.

Yes! Things have changed a lot.

Then , I used be with friends , sometimes truly happy and sometimes feeling lonely inside though I had a wonderful company outside.

Now , I’m lonely , both inside and outside.

I sit here , travelling back to the memory lane ; thinking of those pretty sweet conversations , with love in the air; people showcasing creativity ; pulling each others leg ; In short , when we all had fun ‘together’.

I miss my home.

I miss you.

Here I’m watching the HIMYM series , just the way I planned the New Years’ Eve to be!