Sunday, July 25, 2010

The lines

I wanna say those magical words,

I know you wanna hear them too,

Then what is it which is holding us back?,

What is this feeling which asks me to back off ?,

Which doesn't allow us to cross the lines which we have drawn once.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Take Me With You...

Yet again..Im standing at the same cross roads.

Where we both were together once.

But now Im standing alone.

Alone…completely devastated without any senses.

I never asked you anything

It was you who gave me your precious time.

But now I wanna ask you something,

Can you just hold my hand and show me the direction?

I don’t remember anyone except you.

So please come back and take me with you.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Coz..You Are Still With Me

Am I running away from the truth?

Or are you hiding the truth from me?

Or am I blind to see it?

People say they can see it,

Then why am I not able to see it.

Why ain't anyone looking through my eyes?

Coz from where I stand ,

Things are broken but they still are together,

There is no piece which is missing,

And I'm sure things gonna be fine,

Coz you are still with me,

Thats what matters the most than anything else in the world.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fill Me With Colors

Fill me with peace,

Enlighten me with purity and light,

Fill me with White.

Fill me with loyalty ,

Honor me with your friendship,

Fill me with yellow.

Fill me with hope,

Show me the beauty of life and nature,

Fill me with Green.

Fill me with truth,

Tempt me with the taste of heaven.

Fill me with Blue

Fill me with sorrows,

Make me suffer,

Fill me with Purple.

Fill me with strength,

Give me the power to endure,

Fill me with Orange.

Fill me with desire,

Make me blush,

Be gentle, heal the pain within and set me free,

Fill me with Pink.

Fill me with passion,

Set me on fire,

Captivate me with your love,

Seduce me with your charm,

Fill me with Red.

Whenever you feel it’s the end,

Make a new start,

Fill me with black,

Fill me with all the colors again.

P.S: Friends , colors have many beautiful definitions. It just depends on the way we look or define them and this is my definition of colors.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Invisible girl

Does my presence makes you feel uncomfortable?
No,You need not lie to me.
I know the truth.
Please don't change your path because you can see me through those roads.
Please don't do that.
I can back off for you honey.
I might not change the path but I can atleast try not to come before you.
Coz things have changed ,
Yes, I had to accept it.
My presence nomore makes you smile.
It doesn't give you happiness anymore.
So, here I'm trying to be the invisible girl.
Yeah , I'm not moving away ,
I'm just invisible.
Coz noone can ever change the fact that you are the only reason behind my smile.
But theres one more hidden truth,
Theres nothing in the world which is more valuable than your smile and
My happiness lies in yours.