Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Listening..!!


Im listening..


Yeah Im listening..

Yeahh, Im listening..


Yes Im listening..


(Long Silence)

Thats it.


Im tired.

Im tired of listening to others.

Im tired of being the one who understands everything.

Im tired of being good to others.

Im tired of compromising.

Im tired.

I dont wanna listen anything.

Do you understand? Im tired.

Leave me alone!!


I wanna break out.

I wanna shout.

I wanna break every single relation.

I wanna run.

I dont wanna listen to anyone,not even my heart.

I just wanna run away .

I wanna run till I loose my breathe.

I wanna fall down and fall apart.

I wanna cry.

Cry till it rains.

Let the rain drench me completely.

Let it meet my tears and carry them with it.

Let it absorb all the pain in me.

Let it free my soul today.

I wanna set my soul free today.

Yes I wanna be free today.

P.S: Guys , Im absolutely fine :) . I was very frustrated last night. Nothing is going the way I want it to go. Disappointment , Frustration , Love , Hate , every single emotion was running in my mind. Can just say that I was facing an emotional turmoil. Thats it.

Nothing serious Friends :)

Thanku all :)


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The SILENCE which once used to make me angry is now making me cry like hell.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


I see you closing the doors

I see you throwing people away from you

I see you breaking hearts

I see you locking up yourself in a room

I see you hurting yourself

I see everything.

Im restless ,

I feel helpless,

Its suffocating,

Its eating me inside,

Its cutting me,

Cutting me more than the pieces of our broken dreams.

It hurts me,

Hurts me more than when you asked me to stand on the other side of the door.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now & Forever :)

I wanna fall down so you lend me your hand and get me up

I wanna get hurt so you come to me and console me

I wanna cry so I can cry on your shoulder and you try to you wipe my tears

I wanna walk in the dark so you become the light and lead me

I wanna frown at you so you pamper me and make me smile

I wanna annoy you so I can become a puppet in your hands

I wanna change my habits so I can be your reflection

I wanna fall sick so you always stay beside me and takecare of me

I wanna take in all your troubles so you are always blessed with happiness


I wanna hold your hand and look in to your eyes and make a silent promise that I'll never leave this hand, I'll always be with you , in you and will always love you as I do now and forever.

Truly Yours ,

Now & Forever :)

P.S : Happy Valentine's Day :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Is Blind..!!

They love eachother,

They crave for one another,

Their life is meaningless without the other,

So they are together.

They walk hand in hand,

Walk like they have no destination.

But they never realized that,

They are walking on the two parallel rails

Which can never meet.

Friday, February 5, 2010

My shadow..

You are like my shadow..

Sometimes you walk infront of me leading me,

Sometimes you walk behind me trying to follow me just to make me happy,

Sometimes you walk beside me holding my hand and giving me strength,

Sometimes you are not visible coz you are in me.


Where and how ever you are, you are always with me