Friday, December 31, 2010


So many people try to make me smile,
But noone could bring back that lost smile.
So many reasons to laugh,
Yet don't feel like laughing.
So many surprises,
None of them paced my heart.
So many occasions to celebrate,
But don't wanna celebrate any.

I just wanna sit idle.
Don't wanna be with friends.
I just wanna be silent.
Feelings have frozen long back.
Smile has turned in to a fake one.
I see your pic all time.
I read our chats all day.
Tears occasionally visit me,
Tell me I'm alive.
I'm awake all day,
I'm awake all night.
I don't know if I'm have turned in to a Nocturnal or an Insomniac.
All I know is,
I still wait for you,
Will always do.
Coz, when I said I'm yours,
I meant ' faithfully ' :)
I Love You.

P.S. I Love You :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let go??!!.. No..Not yet..

I never thought I would say this,

I never thought I would do this.

The face which

once made my heart skip a beat,

brought tears of love in my eyes,

Now, seeks hatred.

Brings tears out of an unknown reason.

Is the mist getting cleared?

Or am I getting trapped in the maze??

What ever it maybe,

I'm nomore afraid of the consequences,

I'm nomore scared of hurting you.

I don't mind if I'm wrong.

I want to zip my heart and listen to my mind.

Coz, I'm done.

Now it's your turn love,

A chance to explain things,

make me understand,

wipe my tears,

clear the fog,

make me smile.

Oh wait!

Is this the time for your call?

Or have you missed it long back??

I don't know.

But now

here I'am,

Making the final call.

A call which free's you from this dreading relation,

Which helps you get rid of the baggage and get a new one.

But, are you ready for this love?

Can you with stand this hate?

No I was never asked this question.

It always used to come at the time I least expected it.

I don't wanna be that harsh to you,

I wanna give you one chance.

Coz , at the end of the day,

This heart beats for you,

And the moment the heart stops beating,

Even the mind stops functioning.

So , even if I win, I'm the one who loses.

P.S : I wanted to pen down the verses of a true heart, the feeling when it decides to give up and starts to hate , but ended up giving one more chance. Maybe it's not that easy to hate the person we love. Maybe...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your Smile..!!

I’ll wait ,

Yes! I’ll wait a thousand years , if I’m assured that I can see you smile.

I’m ready to cry,

Yes! I’m ready to shed a million tears, if it worth’s your smile.

I’ll smile,

Yes! I’ll genuinely smile, if I believe you’ve got one too.

Coz ,

It’s your smile which I wanna see,

It’s your smile I miss,

It’s your smile I long for,

It’s your smile I need more than the air,


It’s your smile which makes my life worth living! :)

P.S . I Love You :)