Thursday, July 23, 2009

True Love Always Finds Its Way Out...

It was the day of High School Reunion Party. Rachana was a tall,sweet and simple girl was very excited to meet her friends after 10 years. She lost all the contacts with her friends after her 10th .

That day Rachana was wearing a black saree with a simple diamond pendant around her neck. She left her hair open. She was looking stunning.

She entered the room. She could see so many people. Smiles were spreading everywhere. She was trying to identify her friends She saw a group at the corner of the room. The voices over there were sounding familiar. She slowly moved towards that group. She was surprised its her childhood bestfriend Sanjana .

She was overwhelmed with joy. They both hugged eachother and met their remaining classmates. Everyone was stunned to see Rachana. She was looking gorgeous.

She almost met everyone but her eyes were searching for one particular person.

Rachana while talking to her friends was looking for someone. Suddenly..she saw a tall handsome guy. Even he was searching for someone. Their both eyes met eachother but Rachana quickly turned away from him and pretended as if she din see him. He was trying to clear the crowd and moved towards her. She noticed him coming towards her.

But she started running away from him.

Finally..she was trying to hide in a corner with her friend Sajana. Sanjana saw him..n said

“Hey Ravi..!! How you doing dude?”

He turned back and his eyes stopped at Rachana..then he saw Sanjana waving her hand.

“Hey Sanju…how you doing? You looking great..!!” and hugged her.

“Thanku Ravi…Long Time..haa..

By the way..remember her?...hmm??” said Sanjana

Ravi smiled and said “How can I ever forget her? She is Rachana… :) am I right? “

Ravi , Rachana and Sanjana are schoolmates. They were in the same school till 10th.

Ravi is a short and a very nice guy. He was a fun loving guy. But when it comes to girls..he never used to talk to anyone. He was silent and a well matured guy.

Rachana was a tall girl .She was very sweet and sensitive . She is a very silent girl doesn’t mingle with people easily and is always in her world of books. She wasn’t a beautiful girl and never lets her hair down. Not even in a b’day party. But the most beautiful part of her is her soul…she helps everyone who comes to her. “NO” is a word which never exists in her dictionary.

Sanjana..she is a sweet heart. Everyone loves to be with her…her company makes everyone smile.

Sanjana and Rachana have been together since their kindergarten.

Ravi and Rachana are family friends. But they never seemed to be such a good friends. They never used to talk to eachother in the class. They were always silent when they were together.

Slowly they started to see eachother but they were careful enough that noone noticed them.

For others they were rivals in studies. But they never felt that way. After every academic year..they ended up with the same rank in the class.

Finally..they were in 10th. Their school organized a Farewell Party for them. That day..they both felt very special. They thought of expressing their feelings to eachother.

After the party..Rachana was waiting for him outside the gate with Sanjana. Sanjana was asusual busy with her phone. Then a group of boys came out of the gate and started shouting..

“Ravi & Rachana “ and started taking out some weird sounds.

She was feeling very uncomfortable. She was still waiting for Ravi and thought that he will make them shut their mouths. Suddenly..she could see Ravi standing with those guys and smiling.

She was shocked to see him. He was standing there enjoying with those guys.

Rachana was a very sensitive girl and belongs to a middle class family. Her character and self respect is more important than anything in her life.

She was furious and outraged. She immediately took Sanjana and ran towards her home. Sanjana was shocked to see Rachana in tears. She kept on asking the reason but Rachana din utter a word.

After reaching the home she started packing her bag. She somehow managed to convince Sanju that she is crying because she will be missing the school.

The next day Rachana and her family left to other state coz her father got transferred.

Rachana asked Sanjana not to give her contact address to anyone at any cost.

Days passed Ravi din see Rachana anywhere. He tried asking Sanjana. She told him that her father got transferred and said she doesn’t have any contacts with her.

Ravi was taken aback.

He was never happy from heart.He tried to forget her but couldn’t do it.

Days passed..both of them completed their graduation. Rachana pursued MBA while Ravi settled in a job. He visits different countries every month because of his job.

He tried to move forward in his life dated few girls but could never let them come near to him. They ended as friends.

Rachana…she never let anyone come near her. She just focused on her studies coz for her..her first love and for her it was a true love and can never forget it.

Rachana was happy but din let it show on her face. She pretended as if she doesnt remember him.

Sanjana said “Hey Rachana..see he remembers you. Say something…”

Rachana (in a hesitating tone) said “Hi Ravi….how are you..?? “

He smiled and said “ Im great. How are you “ and stepped a bit close to Rachana.

Rachana was very uncomfortable and took a step back.

“Can you please excuse me…” said Rachana and left to meet her other friends.

Ravi was happy…Rachana was uncomfortable in his presence that means..she still remembers those days..and she still has some feelings for him.

He tried to talk to Rachana. But she wasn’t interested.

Suddenly they lowered the intensity of lights and started playing light music.

Everyone was on the dance floor. Ravi immediately asked Rachana to dance along with him. She couldn’t say “No” coz everyone was looking at them.

She said Yes…they were on the dance floor.

Rachana was looking down. Ravi was trying to talk to her but she din reply anything.

Ravi noticed tears in her eyes and she immediately wiped her tears and went out.

Ravi followed her..and asked her whats the matter?

She looked in his eyes “ Don’t you know whats the matter..??”

She couldn’t stop her tears…

He asked “ Where were you lost? Do you know…I was searching for you. That day…you din even utter a single word and left me..?”

She said “ I never wanted to meet you again. I…I.. wanted to forget you..” (she shouted)

He said “ Can you ever forget me??”

She was silent.

He said “ I got your answer..neither I can ever forget you. You are the reason why Im here today..I was waiting for you.”

She said..”Why you wanna meet me? You always wanna be with your friends and play pranks without understanding ones feelings…”

He said “ I have always cared for are more than anyone in my life..”

She said “Really…on the day of our farewell…those guys..they were shouting all nonsense..and you were happily enjoying with them..”

He said “ I never noticed what they were saying…I saw you running from there.. then I went to them….n....I had a fight with those guys..“

Rachana..was in a shock. Tears had stopped falling form her eyes.

“ Next day I waited for you..but din see a sigh of you..Sanju told me that you left out city..”(his voice was filled with pain)

Rachana said “You…You..fought with those guys? Were you hurt?”(Her voice was trembling)

He said “hmm…yeah..a bit..but it wasn’t painful than the pain you gave me. I couldn’t even tell you what I feel for you..”

She was looking down..and said “But…..(sigh..)……What is it…? “

He said..”I…I love you”

She immediately hugged him and said “I love you too”

Her eyes were filled with tears…

She said “ I know…True love always finds its way out…”

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I choose the path which takes me...

After a day full of waiting.. without any patience left I sat in the balcony in the wooden swing. The weather changed…the cool breeze with its seductive touch told me to lose myself . Its sweet aroma took me in to the valley of memories. All the faces were so familiar..but I was searching for one particular face. Then I entered the maze. This maze has so many paths. Each path taking me to the people without whom I can never imagine my life.

I choose the path which takes me to you.

I slowly entered it…I could see all the moments we have spent together running before my eyes. I was overwhelmed with joy..I felt you are right in front of me with your arms wide open and calling me.

Tears of joy came running out of my eyes.I was desperate to meet you. With my eyes wet..I started to run towards you.
Suddenly..I felt something touching my hand..something very warm.

I opened my eyes…I could see two tears on my hand….it was warm..then I realized that..those tears were not tears which come out of happiness…they are the tears which come out of pain.

I cried..I cried to get back to those days when we were together….

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I said..."100 years..!!"

The phone was ringing.. I went to pickup the call and as I was on my way my mom said she just now thought of calling her mom I mean my grandma..

I smiled and went to answer the call and guess what..??.....Its my grandmas call. :)

The 1st thing I said to my grandma is

”100 years just said that she wanna talk to you…”

She said…

”100 years.. :O no no dear…if we are alive for 100 years who will look after us ?”

I said…

”We are there na Grandma we will look after you “ :)

I just said what was on my mind n heart and my grandma felt so happy

She said…

“These words are enough for me..its almost equal to giving me one crore rupees. :)”

This is a small incident…but this one has made my grandma’s day I mean..she got a beautiful start coz she was smiling and I’m sure she will be smiling through out the day.

My point is..we may not go and physically help anyone…instead the words of comfort and support you give to your friends who are in trouble and making them feel that someone is there for them to help them and guard them…this is enough for anyone to compete and win over any situation. :)

And make each moment a memorable one :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

...when I sit alone and look at the moon....

When I sit alone and look at the moon and think about my past…the first person to flash in my mind is you…

I always wondered

Why did I love you so much that

I could never see a single loophole in you while others can

Why did I love you so much that

I needed you like a drug to bring back one to life

Why did I love you so much that

A glimpse of you made me dance like a peacock in the rain

Why did I love you so much that

Your thoughts make me smile in myself

Why did I love you so much that

I could never imagine a single day without you

Why did I love you so much that

I just want to stop the time when you are with me

Why did I love you so much that

Everything has stopped functioning when you were not with me

Why did I love you so much that

Your company has taken me to the ends of heaven

Why did I love you so much that

I experienced ecstasy when I was with you

Why did I love you so much that

I dared to dream with you though I never had a right to dream

Why did I love you so much that

I could never think of you with some other person

Why did I love you so much that

I din say anything when you told me that you like someone else

Why I did I love you so much that

I always wanted it to rain when we both meet eachother

Why did I love you so much…