Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I said..."100 years..!!"

The phone was ringing.. I went to pickup the call and as I was on my way my mom said she just now thought of calling her mom I mean my grandma..

I smiled and went to answer the call and guess what..??.....Its my grandmas call. :)

The 1st thing I said to my grandma is

”100 years grandma..mom just said that she wanna talk to you…”

She said…

”100 years.. :O no no dear…if we are alive for 100 years who will look after us ?”

I said…

”We are there na Grandma we will look after you “ :)

I just said what was on my mind n heart and my grandma felt so happy

She said…

“These words are enough for me..its almost equal to giving me one crore rupees. :)”

This is a small incident…but this one has made my grandma’s day I mean..she got a beautiful start coz she was smiling and I’m sure she will be smiling through out the day.

My point is..we may not go and physically help anyone…instead the words of comfort and support you give to your friends who are in trouble and making them feel that someone is there for them to help them and guard them…this is enough for anyone to compete and win over any situation. :)

And make each moment a memorable one :)

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Sowmi said...

Absolutely... words of comfort will make anyone happy and I long for that always :) I've mostly heard words which hurt me a lot only :)So, I know the significance of comforting words

Satyu said...

those words do magic.. :)
don worry yaar...may b those hurts makes u evn stronger...and trust me those guys ll realise ur importance soon.
keep smiling :)

Arv said...

Bless ya :)

Amal Bose said...

soo true...
a few words of kindness can be better than being together. these words will let them know that u r there for them even though not physically n thats wat really matters.

Arnab Majumdar said...

That was very sweet. I'm really sure your Grandma's very happy too, even now. Things like these don't fade away too fast from the memory :)


Satyu said...

thanku yaar :)

keep smiling

Satyu said...


U r absolutely rite :)
keep smiling:)

Satyu said...


Long time yaar..welcome back :)

yeah..she ll surely remember it :)

keepsmiling :)

Priya Joyce said...

yes tats so very true dear...coz one hasn't always to do things..some words soothing someone's soul can be the best thing also sometimes.


Satyu said...


Welcome to my blog PJ :)
yup u r rite.
smtyms those words do wonders :)
thanku for following my blog dear
keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

>:D< i m lost..... awesome dear... love u :)

Satyu said...


thanku dear >:D<
luv u too :)

Neev said...

sattu... >:D< u r awesum.. ;)

hat's off to u... ;)

Satyu said...


thanku yaar :)

keepsmiling :)