Thursday, January 14, 2010

would you....?

We are two worlds apart..

I dreamt of being with you in your world and call it our world.

I found a bridge connecting the two worlds.

I started to cross the bridge all alone just to get in to your world.

It was deadly yet I wanted to cross it coz I know that you are with me.

Im almost at the end of the bridge.

I gotta take few more steps to step in to your world.

My legs are trembling

The bridge is shaking

It started to collapse

Now I want you to give me your hand and take me to your world.

Would you me your hand and save me and take me to your world..?

12 Feelings Expressed:

Meow said...

Very Very sweet one :)

The Aspirant said...

this is really quite creative work.....
keep it up yaar

HaRy!! said...

emotions are truly set free here :)

sawan said...

simple. yet deep. nice :)

the masked one said...

why a doubt? the boldness to cross the treacherous bridge all alone shows the depth of ur love, n im sure ur love wud be at the other end waiting to giv u a hand..
beautifully expressed..

Arnav said...

Very romantic :)

Keep Writing :)

SatyU said...


Thanku Sowmi :)

SatyU said...

@The Aspirant

Thanks yaar :)

SatyU said...


haha.. :)
Thanku :)

SatyU said...


1st of all Welcome to my world :)

Thanku :)

SatyU said...


Thanks lott Amal :)
Your words surely means alot :)

SatyU said...


Thanku :)