Friday, April 15, 2011

Help Me!!!

Help me..
For one last me
As days pass ,
I miss you more,
I'm unable to deal with the pain,
Its just worsening day by day.
So comeback..
Come back and help me
Help me to 'hate you'
Yes! you heard it right,
help me to hate you.
Fill me with lies,
Say you never cared,
Say you never trusted me,
Say that I'm a very bad person,
And I don't deserve you.
Say that all those things were fake,
Say you never loved me.
Help me..
Help me to hate you.. :'(

4 Feelings Expressed:

The Aspirant said...

don't know what to say.......just knw that u r nt goin to break cz of this.....not na?

4 those who care said...
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4 those who care said...

none but 'you' can help you on this..the other person who couldve helped you on this has already left and has caused the pain.
nice read nonetheless.
keep it up!

Kalyan Acharya said...


Was randomly checking me yo HELP ME!!! did kinda spoke about my helpless and pains taking effort to fr gt the special one...

Lovely words Satya!!!!...keep posting more!!!...