Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Of Those Unspoken Words..

If I tell you that I miss you ,

Would you whisper in ears that you miss me too?!

If I tell you that its been ages since I laughed,

Would you tickle me and make me laugh?!

If I tell you that I wanna talk to you,

Would you sit with me and listen even if it’s the silence?!

If I tell you that , I wanna drench in the rain,

Would you come and dance with me in the rain?!

If you see me crying,

Would you come back and hug me tight?!

If I tell you that I need you,

Would you come and stay with me forever?!

I know we are thousands of miles apart,

But there are a few relations which doesn’t depend on the ‘physical’ distance,

And ours is one such relation.

I know , its been awhile since we spoke,

But some relations doesn’t need words , even silence gives it a perfect sense.

And yes! , ours is one such relation.

I know you broke my heart , and I’m sure you are hurt too,

But in true relationships , no matter how many times the other person hurts , heart loves them more.

Yup! , I love you !!

P.S. I Love You :-*

2 Feelings Expressed:

The Aspirant said...

a very nice post.....but i strongly disagree with d last 4 lines...

Ur Frnd said...

nyc one akkayaa :)