Friday, May 29, 2009

The Message...!!

Yesterday night I received a msg. A message from an unknown guy. Looking at the kind of message that the person has sent I thought its my friend Karuna who has sent me that message from her friends cell. But I was wrong…!! When I asked who’s dis..?? That person didn’t hesitate to tell his name…his name is “Suman”. When I replied that I don’t know anyone named Suman and was enquiring about my exams. He said he knows me coz I’m popular in my college. By listening the word “Popular”.. I was shocked .The 1st thing which strike my mind is our college Cultural Fest. I worked really very hard for our fest.. and as I was in the Reception & Registration dept…I had to interact with many people. Mainly students from our college and even from other colleges who came to our college to participate in various events.

I wanted to know whether he got my no. by fluke or he really knows me. So I asked him about the college where he studies and where I study and most importantly my name. He said he is not from my college and told my 1st name. I told him that he is wrong…its not my name. He sounded very confident that I’m lying though I wasn’t coz he just told my 1st name. Later he replied what ever be the name I know I’m talking to the right person. I wanted to know how he got my number so when I enquired him about that he said he got it because he was interested to know about me. I asked him many times yet didn’t get the correct answer.

I tried to be very rude…something which I can never be. Ofcourse I didn’t use any abusive words because I don’t no any and I don’t like people who abuses others…but still was really very rude. He was very patient and replied me with a smiling face. This was all happening at and around 10:30 at night. He wanted to build a new relation with me called “Friendship” but I don’t wanna do that coz…cozz…I don’t….but jus No .

I couldn’t sleep at night…coz this is d 2nd time something like this is happening to me.

The 1st time that guy was not revealing his name and I never replied him . But this guy has told me his name. At some point of time I felt that may be both are one and the same , but didn’t think more than that. I was just rolling on my bed I was very afraid I wanted to cry…!! But didn’t do anything of such sort . I don’t know when I slipped in to the sleep. Suddenly in the morning around 6 am I got up ..was still lying on d bed…looking at my cell…without any clue about what to do next. Messaged my friend about all this stuff ,I know she wont reply me but I knew she will certainly call me once to scold me coz I’m thinking a lot about a stranger and hurting my self.

Around 7 am I messaged that guy…saying

“Dude listen .. seriously I don’t wanna talk to you n I am not interested to make any new friends ..You said this is the start ..but I say this is the End.. so forget it..

Lastly wanna ask u one thing…who gave you my no. ? Don’t tell that by interest and all… I know that is all a thrash…and you are lying. So tell me the truth that is all I expect it from you. Thanku”

I messaged him early in the morning (we have just finished our exams so getting up at 7 is very early for an engineering student). I wasn’t expecting a reply immediately but after almost ½ an hr I got a reply from ..”Ehh :X” that is the name with which I have saved his name…saying…

“This is the last message from my cell to you…after this message I will never message you. I’m going to delete you from my cell .I expected one and you did another. Thanks for all. Good bye have a nice days n good mornings :-)

By seeing this message ..I was sure that I have hurt him…I replied him that I don’t wanna hurt anyone. but cant explain you and I wanted to know the name of the person who gave him my no. so asked him about that.

I waited for a long time…I didn’t get any reply…I messaged him again saying ..”I guess you don’t wanna reply me. Anyway , chalo bbyee take care , Have a wonderful life ahead and keep smiling always J.

I din get any reply from him. May be this was the end for him but it became a beginning for me. I thought I hurted him I know I did, was very rude. He came to me with a ray of hope but I have taken away the light. Now I feel like messaging him to ask sorry for been so rude to him and wanted to tell my full name. But why should I again message him when everything ended.

I got an end to all this mess, he will nomore message me. This is what I exactly wanted, then why am I thinking about him again…thinking about all those things a tear dropped out of my eyes.

I don’t know why I’m crying I don’t know anything. but still wanna message him again.

Did I commit any mistake? I don’t have any answer.

No answer…….may be I’m looking very happy from out side but deep inside me these questions r killing me…!!

Jus killing me…

12 Feelings Expressed:

Amal Bose said...

wonderful work satyu..
really emotional work, that too for ur first post..
u r gonna rock!!

expecting more brilliant works from you..

take care :)

Satyu said...

well..thanku very much Amal.Its jus bcoz of u im here..n ll nvr let u dwn :)
Once agn thanku :)

Neev said...

it just a story or it's a truth.. [:0]

Satyu said...

well..I really cant ans u cn jus tell u tht its a Real "Story" wid true emotions :)
n thanku.. :)

Shivraj said...

Great Work Satya :)

Just wanna say "Things happen, we cant feel bad for everything"


Satyu said...

Thanku ananaya :)
U r rite...its v who gotta control our emotions..!! :)

Anonymous said...

sats... wonderful work.... abt the person u miss.... don worry smthngs r written n vil hpn lik tht... everythng hpns for good... i hope u remember hw u smiled tht day n spoke n felt happy... b lik tht always.... der r others for u... v all love u... v wan u to b happy for ever.... and

abt tis last msg wala thng... nw i knw y i thnk ur lik me.... jus one thng i shld say... don tak thngs to heart if its nt gonna b a part of ur heart... tis is smthng which ppl tel me.... thot i shld share it wit u

ajay said...

beautiful work.. satyu..:)

Satyu said...

Thanku dear..yup..I do remember tht day..n thanks a lott 4 everything dear :) Yeah..Dis is called life..ppl cm n go..its jus true frnds remain wid u 4evr..n u r 1 of dem..luv u dear :)

n..thanku very much dear :)

Satyu said...

Thanku bhai:)

Sowmi said...

good one... but you think toooooooo much...sorry if it had been too personal...

Satyu said...


bt yeah...I think toooooo much :(..I knw that :)

anyways...really very happy 2 ur comments :)
Do visit again :)