Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why Did You Come Back...??

It was June…the month monsoon reaches d coastal regions of India n cools the temperature. School going kids hate this month coz its d end of their happy days ”Holiday’s” n engineering students love it coz. its their free time .. They usually stay away 4m book and enjoy with their family n friends. Some enjoy these days to the fullest n some r worried about their results. I “The Smiling Beauty”(my friends call me with that name coz I always smile J) just gave my exams…n I am enjoying my holidays. I am a complete orkut freak…love orkutting because…1 yr back I met very nice people through orkut…n I am really grateful to orkut. In these holidays…I wanna make new friends…so entered a community…started talking 2 people. Everyone was very sweet. All the people who I met were really very good…so very soon I could make many friends n was happy about that.:-)

It was a new day , the cool breeze brought new hope n life with it. And that day u came into 2 my life. I don’t remember how I met u…but I have never regretted about that till now. We talked 2 each other everyday ..but for very few minutes coz our timings never matched ..but still our friendship grew day by day very fast. Later we have officially became friends…I tried to manage my timings so that I could talk 2 u.

But one day suddenly…I din c u…u din utter a single word n stopped coming online. I was worried yet was confident that you will be back soon. In d mean time my classes began .I’m back 2 my college…and now I knew that we can hardly meet.

One day when I was in the college I felt that I will receive a message from you. So soon after my classes I was very anxious 2 return home .When I opened orkut. I was astonished, I could see your scrap .I was very happy , there were no limits for my happiness .You told me that you are out of station where there is no net facility and you said you are missing me .Even I was missing you but din’t tell u.

Many days passed and atlast you are back . I was so happy we chatted everyday for long hours. Don’t no hw time has passed .Finally it was August, the month in which we both were born with an year difference. I never knew when was your b’day until u told me. I asked you about the gift you wanted from me .You asked me to be the 1st one to wish u on your b’day. That ws really impossible for me coz ..I cant cm online at that time n I don’t have a mobile so that I can call you .I told u my problem ..but you still insisted me to do so. I don’t know what to do.

That day I was awake till 12 so that I can wish you .I normally sleep at 10 pm but 4 u I was awake till 12.The clock strike 12…I went out in 2 our balcony looked at d moon. I knew even you can see the moon so I asked d moon god 2 shower his blessings on you and wish Happy Birthday on my behalf and even asked the Air to wish you so that the 1st breathe you take at 12 carries my wishes 2 u.:-)

The weather was changing. Soon it was winter. I finished my 1st semester and so did you. You left to your hometown leaving me alone though u know that I cant live without talking to you. But I never stopped you because I know your family is waiting for you they want u more than meJ.I was counting the days .The days were too long ..I visited your profile everyday and was looking at the archive of our chats. Everything has stopped functioning. It was just silence prevailing every where.

Finally the day has come you are back. You came online. I was on the cloud 9.

I was very happy that I am meeting you after a long time and from now onwards v can again talk to each other like before and nothing can stop us. But never expected that this period of time also brought a gap in our relation .You were never the same. I thought you were too busy with your studies. So I never asked you why you are not talking 2 me like you used to .

Days passed I was sending you messages but I never got any reply from you. I know you were there but don’t know what you were doing and never questioned about it. I was still thinking that you are busy with your studies. Days passed you never replied me. I slowly stopped sending you message’s, I stopped visiting your profile.

Soon the temp started to rise and the weather changed to summer. Even I have changed. I started to live without you. I never looked at the archives as I used before. I have stopped thinking about you. Yet whenever I opened my profile my eyes always searched for your scrap though I know I can never see it. This time I wanted you to take the 1st step. I wanted you to come and talk to me. I waited waited and waited

May be it was too late. Your footprints have slowly started disappearing from my life. I have completely stopped thinking about you and concentrated more on my studies and my college activities rather than being OL. I have kept myself busy in something or the other. My 2nd semester ended and I’m back 2 orkut . I jus opened it n replied 2 d previous scraps n never chatted with people. I have completely shut d doors 4 new people. I was afraid to put my hand forward for any relation. I was happy. I was smiling like before.

But one day when I was online you came back. You messaged me. I don’t wanna talk to you but still replied you. I have changed. I just replied to you and never took the conversation forward and never put any kind of question to you about all these months.

I don’t know whether you have noticed or not but I have not smiled atleast once when I was conversing with you.

The only thing which ran on my mind was.. Why did you come back…why….when everything is done…when I’m trying to be happy and trying to forget everything I have faced .You never cared about me then why did you come back only now when nothing is left. I didn’t ask you any question about all these months. Was expecting you to tell me but No you didn’t tell me anything. I was silent with a single question in my head and tears in my eyes. For you everything was the same but for me everything has changed . I could not stop my tears and the only thing running on my mind was

Why Did You Come Back? Throwing me back in 2 d dark…where noone can help me to come out except myself.

Why…..Why did u cm back…??

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Neev said...

it'z amazing sattu....

u rockzz..

keep writting..

Anonymous said...

Hope it's just fiction sweetheart. :)
If not then, DON'T take him back!

Satyu said...

Hey Neev
thanks u very much 4 ur support :)

Satyu said...

hey thanku very much 4 stopping by n reading my blog.
I cn jus say tht...evn dis 1 is a "real" story.
Thanku 4 ur valuable comment n suggestion.

Shivraj said...

Good one Satya :)

Its "real" story or not doesnt matter much as people fail to write even real stories so beautifully. Kudos to u :)

For Relations I can only say -
Very few relations are forever.
People change with time and u r left with only one option, move on!!!

Take Care

Satyu said...

hey thanku very much annaya...thanku very much 4 ur precious comments..n u r rite...only few relations remain wid u 4evr..thts true..very true :)

Amal Bose said...

beautiful work satya sree...

u can get together the inner human emotions really well... the title definitely suits this wonderful blog

good luck..
keep smiling :)

Satyu said...

Thanku very much Amal :)

Sowmi said...

REally good one and close to my heart shall I say :) good work..

Satyu said...

thanku..thanku very much dear :)