Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your Smile..!!

I’ll wait ,

Yes! I’ll wait a thousand years , if I’m assured that I can see you smile.

I’m ready to cry,

Yes! I’m ready to shed a million tears, if it worth’s your smile.

I’ll smile,

Yes! I’ll genuinely smile, if I believe you’ve got one too.

Coz ,

It’s your smile which I wanna see,

It’s your smile I miss,

It’s your smile I long for,

It’s your smile I need more than the air,


It’s your smile which makes my life worth living! :)

P.S . I Love You :)

4 Feelings Expressed:

HaRy!! said...

its yur smile which makes me run a mile and yet make the heart skip beats of love!... yu are simply terribly in love matey!! awesome lines!wish yu sincerly good luck!

SatyU said...

thanku :)


sawan said...

i am in love with this!

SatyU said...