Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wrong but..

Finally , I have covered my face with that mask,

The person who cares for me,

Who is worried about me 24*7,

Who just wanna see me happy,

Believes that I'm truly happy.

I know , that's wrong,

I feel like a sinister .

I'm lying to the person who totally believes in me.

But I'm helpless.

I don't wanna trouble anyone.

I can't see people sad coz of me.

I don't want to ruin any friendship,

I don't want any cracks developing between people.

I just want them to be two good friends,

Just like before ,

When they didn't meet me.

I know, this is a wrong way,

But for now,

This is the best thing possible.

I'm sorry brother ,

I'm sorry :(

6 Feelings Expressed:

ViDiShA said...

..wrong thing is rite till u do them 4 right reasons..nice write..!!

PULKIT said...

I agree with the post but not with the labels attached....
when one is being honest about the act.... how can that come under the tag "lies"
when one is bearing the pain for others to smile....
how can that come under tag "fake"

take care satyu!
always there for u pal

SatyU said...

I guess so :)
Thanku :)

SatyU said...

Thanku :)
yaar.. 'lies' is for the lie shz telling to her bro. You know even if it's for others sake , it's for good , a lie is still a lie.

And about the tag 'Fake' , its for the Fake smile :)


The Aspirant said...

well u can't b a reason for any of the things mentioned above.....coz i vl nvr b the hw cn my shadow?

SatyU said...

@The Aspirant

I don't know yaar.
I wish don't become the reason.
Time gotta answer it.. :)