Monday, January 17, 2011

When Heart Speaks..

Oh honey! What happened? Why are you so sad? Come to me, let me hug you. Come.
Oh boy! What's this blood? :O Why are you bleeding? :(
hmm.. I know , I understand things too, but honey everything's gonna be fine, trust me. Don't loose your hope. Just keep your faith. Things are gonna change and you will get back your other half.
You wanna say something? Oh! You wanna ask? Sure.. ask me.. I'll answer :)
Heart asks
" When I feel like loving , embracing my love , he always knows , he has an intuition and feels the same way. As if he read my mind , see through my soul. Then, when I miss him, when I really need him, Won't he know? Does the same intuition work here?? If yes. Then why doesn't he reply me , come to me and make me smile? Take me in his arms and say I'm here, don't be afraid of anything , I'll always be with you.
Why?? "

Hmm.. he sure does honey. He misses you too. More than you can even think. But if he turns back , looks at you , you will make him weak. And can you afford it? Can you frail him that way?
You can't right? You wanna be his strength not his weakness. So, some more time honey , it's gonna be fine. Every single thing you wished for will come true. You will be in the place where you belong to.
Just wait. Hold on!
And don't cry . That's gonna make him sad. He can't take your tears. He may not say it , but deep in his heart he means it , he made a wish. He asked you to fulfill it. Promise him, that he will never sees those tears in your eyes .Will you?

Heart says " Promise?? No , I can't promise you. But I sure can assure you that I'll try . Yes, I'll try for sure. "

That's like a good girl :)
Love you honey!
God bless you >:D<

Oh holy lord!
Please heal the pain of this heart.
Can you please give her the other half back? Atleast give her a chance to get it back. She will make her way .
Just give her one chance god!

3 Feelings Expressed:

PULKIT said...

Oh My! somebody is deep deep in love....
may god listen all this, and bless her with, her other half...
may be reads it
may be feels it
may he not be a dog like we all guys are :P always confused
may be come back...and never go again


The Aspirant said...

it's a great piece of writing....

Arv said...

well worded thoughts...

Hope your prayers come true :)

take care mate.. cheers...