Monday, February 14, 2011

Today , I wish...

Today the night is so cold,
I wish I was in your arms.
Today lips were missing that smile
I wish I could see your smile.
Today tears visited my eyes,
I wish you were here to stop them.
Today I feel so lonely,
I wish I spend the night with you.
Today I looked at the stars,
I wish I was counting them with you.
Today I realized what you really mean to me,
I wish I could show it to you right now.
Today I whispered 'I love you',
I wish you heard and said ' I love you too '.

I wish I could see you , I wish I could touch you , I wish I could hug you , I wish I could kiss you , I wish .. I wish … I wish….

Amongst all

I wish I could see you smile , which is worth a million wishes coming true . :’(


P.S.I Love You.

2 Feelings Expressed:

Anonymous said...

Ah.. simply touching ! It just reminded me of my ex , whom i was missing .. I hope and pray you shall be with your lovable soon ! :)

SatyU said...

thanku dear :)
god bless you!

takecare :)