Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I am Back..!!

It was the day when you left me

I was broken in to pieces

I don’t know the reason why you left me all alone in this scary world

I waited for you but there was no sigh of your return

Time slipped like the sand in my hands

The only thing left was the memories you left behind

The sky is dark covered by the ashes of our relation

I tried to forget you

I tried to collect all the broken pieces of my heart

I started joining them again

But like a broken glass piece I could still see the cracks on it

These cracks always reminded me of you

Everyday I wake up with my pillow wet

I started hurting people without any reason

But why am I hurting others because of you

I want the answer

I was restless

So decided to search for the answer

Couldn’t find it any where in this world

Understood that it is only you who can answer me

Now I am back

With the wounds as fresh as you gave me

Now I still see the flame burning under the ashes

And I want the answers now

For all the sleepless nights I have spent

For every question deep inside me burning me every day

And want to know the reason why you left me

I want the answers

I want the answers right now right here

I just want the answer why you destroyed my world ,why you left me..??

22 Feelings Expressed:

Shivraj said...

Just one word "WOW"

U r growing rapidly, last 2 posts were well expressed and now its well expressed in a poetic way

Great keep writing :)
Take care

prabhu said...

hi jii:) its like a poem expressing deep sorrow which is hidden behind those words...

expecting more like this from you...

keep going

Amal Bose said...

just brilliant..
but kinda sad..

this is my fav line
With the wounds as fresh as you gave me

Now I still see the flame burning under the ashes

wonderful work satya sree..

Arnab Majumdar said...

Maybe there isn't any easy answer, and maybe any and every answer is just going to hurt more... although I really hope that's not true...

Interesting read this... cheers...

Satyu said...

Thanku annaya..thanku very much :)

Satyu said...


Hello Prabhujii..thanks 4 reading my post :)

thanku jii.. I ll certainly wirte sm more of dis kind 4 sure.
once agn thanks 4 commenting Prabhujii :)

Satyu said...


Hey Amal..thanku , thanku very much buddy :)

yeah dis is kinda sad...rather than sad I would like 2 describe it as d pain deep inside her :)

Satyu said...


May be you are rite..but..that pain cannot b more painful than the pain she is facing nw.
Jus mayb.....

anyways...Thanku 4 stoping by n reading my post

Hope 2 c u around.

Thanku :)

Amal Bose said...

u have been tagged..
check my post!!

shiv kiran said...

m speechless wonder girlll...
with this m sure that u r a gift,..!!
a wonder in urself..
keep writing dear u got gr8 potential of becoming a big poet/////

Satyu said...


thanku yaar :)

Satyu said...

@Shiv Kiran
Thanku very much BB:)

Arv said...

Poetry in motion :)

loved it :)

take care mate... cheers...

Hemanth Potluri said...

thnks for passing on my blog...just came to urs :)...ur poem was soo nice it was filled with words of emotions and life :)...good work :)..


Satyu said...


Hey thanku very much :)

Satyu said...


thanku very much 4 gng through my work :)

Neev said...

Sattu.. nice job..

Satyu said...


thanku Neev :)

Sowmi said...

Beautiful lines... and Yeah I know how painful it is :)

Satyu said...

thanku :)
Yeah...its really very painful :)
Hope 2 c u again :)

The Aspirant said...

The asnwer of the questions that you r finding, r merely found. Coz if d persn hs ne answer den he myt nt leave u, but unanswered ques. r part of our lyf, dat makes ur growing stronger nd better..........
Well,a well written one, but yea keep sum more precision on rhyme....

Satyu said...

@The Aspirant

hmm...mayb u r rite..

yup..ll keep it in mind

thanku :)