Sunday, August 2, 2009

Friendship Is Eternal...!!

In the bank of the holy river Ganga…there was a small village. A village with lots of significance and sentiments.In such a village there was a girl called Sanskriti who was a happy go lucky girl. Always smiling and very helpful .She always wanted to make her people happy and wanna see them smile..and to see that she can do anything especially for her friends. Her friends always loved her the most. But noone knew her inner feelings. Everyday in the wee hours of sunset she used to go to the yellow meadows and spend some time alone.

It was summer…and almost all the kids in the village left to different places in their holidays .But Sanskriti never wanted to go out. She was happy to be at her home and helping mom and playing with her bro.

One day a girl named Kasturi came to visit her grandma’s place which incidentally happened to be the next house of Sanskriti. Kasturi was very friendly and so was Sanskriti…so soon they became very good friends. Kasturi was a very frank girl but she always thinks about others feelings before she says something. Sanskriti showed her village and explained the significance of each place.

As days passed on they both became bestfriends. And for the first time Sanskriti took someone to her secret place where she loves to be alone. Yellow meadows on the banks of river Ganga was spectacular. The shimmering rays of the sun reflected by the water in the river was just a perfect feast for eyes. Slowly Sanskriti got opened up , she shared her problems with Kasturi.

Climate was changing…it was the time when Kasturi had to return back to her home. She wanted to stay with her best friend for some more time but she had to leave because her school will soon reopen. Sanskriti and Kasturi were so attached to eachother that that they cant just live without eachother. So to continue their friendship they exchanged their addresses and they both started to write letters.

Everyday when they come back from the school the first thing both the girls used to do is check the post box. Their friendship continued through the medium called letters. Days passed on…the climate changed from rainy to winter and then summer again and exams were on the head of everyone.

One day

Sanskriti received a letter saying….

“Hi Sanskriti, hw u dng?As you know that it’s the end of our academic year my mom wants me to concentrate on my studies and now I cant write letters to you frequently…!!” Sanskriti is a big girl so she could understand the pressure on Kasturi and happily wished her Luck.

In the mean time Kasturi’s Grandma left to visit holy places in India.

Days passed on Sanskriti never received a letter. Not even replies to her letters. She was worried .It was Almost 2 month since she received any letter from Kasturi.

Then she decided to write a letter to Kasturi

“Hi you dng? How are your exams going on? Im atlast done with my exams and enjoying holidays. Enjoying…no not really..Im just waiting for you to come here so that we both can have fun together.

Dear…day before yesterday I celebrated my birthday…you din wish me..hmm…I really felt bad but yeah I know you must be busy with your exams rite?

Hey now stop saying sorry to me….I know you must be feeling very bad.

Anyways I’m a bit angry with you…I’m giving a punishment to you…You gotta buy me an icecream when you come here…okay?

Dear I really cant tell you how much I miss you. I don even feel like playing , I just want to see you. I wanna play with you. Just come back soon dear.

Love you!! “

Sanskriti was on her way back from postoffice…she suddenly saw Kasturi’s grandma returning . She immediately ran to her and asked her about Kasturi. Grandma was in tears she slowly took Kasturi back to her home and made her sit in the chair and told her that Kasturi is nomore. Sanskriti din believe in what grandma was saying.

She said “No Grandma…this is impossible..I received a letter from Kasturi about 2 months back saying Kasturi was busy with her exams. How can you just say that Kasturi is nomore. She is hiding somewhere . I’m sure you guys must be playing some kind of prank with me. Come on grandma tell me when will she come to our place. I can’t live without her grandma. Its just like hell for me here “

Grandma said…”Dear…this is the truth..have you ever wondered why din you receive any letter from past 2 months ? “

Sanskriti had no answer.

Grandma said…”2 days after Kasturi’s letter to you…Kasturi met with an accident…and…and…she died (and she broke down) “.

Sanskriti was shocked…she din know what to do. She ran to the yellow meadows and started crying. She looked at the water with eyes full of questions. She always used to think that whom ever she likes the most they some day or the other leave her. And this time it was proved again.

It was night…her parents were worried about her..her bro was searching for her and reached the place where she was. Seeing her in tears her bro ran to her and asked her the reason…she told about Kasturi. Her bro tried to console her…she somehow stopped crying and returned home…in the mean while it started to rain. They reached home completely drenched. Their parents were in a hurry to make them clean and told them change their dress and come to dinner. They never noticed her eyes full of tears. That day Sanskriti refused to have her dinner and immediately went to her bed. She started weeping on her bed..that day was a nightmare for her. She took the doll her bro gifted on her b’day and named her Kasturi and everyday slept with it. From that day onwards she stopped playing with her friends infact she stopped making new friends coz she was afraid that they will leave her .Slowly her smile faded from her face.After the school she used go to the yellow meadows with her sole friend Kasturi and spent the whole evening there. Nobody knows what she actually does in the meadows. But she always used to tell her bro that Kasturi din leave her…she is with her every minute and every second just like her shadow and will be back one day. She always shared every single thing with her bestfriend Kasturi. And everyday she prays to god to send her back coz without her Sanskriti is nothing.

With time everything changed and everyone has moved forward in their life…but Sanskriti is still stuck at the time where Kasturi left her. Maybe for Kasturi’s family and her other friends Kasturi is dead and the time has healed their pain…but for Sanskriti she is still there some where she is happy and still hopes that she will come back .

Even the death of a person couldn’t bring an end to their friendship.

Their Friendship is ETERNAL :)


Dedicated to my bestfriend Kash & my SS Aichu :)

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Amal Bose said...

Friendship is for eternity..
it was really nice of you to hav represented it in the purest form thru this story.. loved the ending..

The Aspirant said...

hey yaar i dunt think ne othr persn cn xpress dese feeligs in a better way..............
a gr8 post....


Neev said...

Sattu.. I know it's not just a post.. :(( I just.. I amsorry.. :((

Sowmi said...

Sats :) Very emotional post this is :) Happy Friendship Day :)

swati said...

a very touching beutflly complement frenships day..

very nicely narrated..:)
take care!!

Satyu said...


Yup you are rite :)

Happy Friendship Day to you too buddy :)
keepsmiling :)

Satyu said...

@The Aspirant

Thanku yaar :)

Satyu said...

yaar..appko kya hua?
Don b sad okay? :)
yehlo >:D<
smile now
keepsmiling :)

Satyu said...


Thanku dear:)
Happy Friendship Day to u too :)

Satyu said...


thanku yaar:)
Happy Friendship Day to you too :)