Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Raksha Bandhan..!! :) comes the most awaited day.."Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan"

A day specially celebrated in accordance of the most wonderful relation on earth..

"Brother & Sister's Relation"

Like all girls/sisters I always dreamt of this day..Afterall I get gifts from my bro ;)

This year..its different. Completely different.

My bro..hes physically not with me.Mind you just PHYSICALLY.

Ever since I was born we both used to celebrate it together. But this year..we are miles apart.

I am missing my bro.

Even though my cousin is coming to our place from a different city he can never fill my bros place.

My bro is special. Hes the best. (Ssshhh dis is a secret between you and me..okay?)

He always used to insist me to touch his feet after I tie rakhi to his wrist.He just need a reason to make do so. Even on his b'day he wants me to touch his feet. Eeehhhh...Idiot :P

I always used to hesitate to do it but still I used to take his blessings in the way he wanna give me.

But this year..I don even have him to tie my rakhi.

Every year when I watch the Cadbury's celebrations advertisement I always dreamt of getting it as a gift. I never used to get it. But got even more precious things :)

Now..I just change the channel when I see a celebrations add.. :(

Even if some one gifts me celebrations..I don feel like taking it coz I want to get the most silliest things which my bro gift me. They are more precious for me. He always treats me as a small can clearly know that by the gifts he presents me.

I wish to get back to those days..I wish he gives me a surprise by ringing the bell in the morning. I know its impossible but still its my wish..I can wish anything I want to noone can stop me :P

Ooppss...Tears are running out of my eyes.

Just wanna say I MISS YOU Bro.

I just wish this one to be the first and the last Raksha Bandhan without you.

Love You Bro :)

21 Feelings Expressed:

Arv said...

Hope he reads this...

he surely knows how you feel about him...

do enjoy the day :)

take care...


Sowmi said...

sweet sister :)
Ask him to read this post :) He'll be overwhelmed Sats :)

Priya Joyce said...

awwwwww a lovely post on a lovely relationship :):)

I simply love this day tho I dun hav a bro..but I've found so many bros over here..:)


swati said...

:( i so miss my brothrs :( n ur post was as lovely as the relation of a bro n sis :)u made me teary :) bt i love these tears wen thy come fr sm1 so close like thm :)
take care!!

Gymnast said...

I hope he reads this post , he's sure to be overwhelmed. Yes, brothers are absolutely the best.

Satyu said...


thanku Arv :)

Satyu said...


hehehe..thanku dear :)
keep smiling

Satyu said...


thanku yaar :)
Yup its a very beautiful relation :)


Satyu said...


U were in tears? :O
I mean..happy vala tears.
Seriously happy to know that...
thanku very much

Satyu said...


Hey Welcome to my blog :)

yup..bros sure are the best :)
thanku for visiting my blog
hope to see you round :)

keepsmiling :)

Dhanya said...

Such a sweet sweet post!!!! I hope you did the right thing and showed this post to ur bro :)

HaRy!! said...

thats a very cute post :0 hope yur bro reads it...wish i had a sis like yu now ! :)! tak care...first time here..cya soon...tak care

Amal Bose said...

really cute post.. :)
im sure ud bro ll feel elated if he read this..
take care :)

Satyu said...


Thanku :)
Welcome to my blog
Hope to see you around :)
keepsmiling :)

Satyu said...


Hey welcome to my blog bro :)
Thanku for ur comment :)
".wish i had a sis like yu now"
wow..thanku :)
Happy to know that :)
keep smiling :)

Satyu said...


thanku :)

keepsmiling :)

The Aspirant said...

nice to know ur feelings for ur bro......
d relation of brother nd sister is lyk dis only, we fight alwaz but d mere thought of gettin parted just tear off d heart.......
dunt wrry it vl definitely b ur first nd last Raksha bandhan widout ur bro...
now smile kkk

Satyu said...

@The Aspirant


thanku yaar :)

yeh lo smiles..

:) :) :)
takecare :)

Neev said...

as usual.. this one is also amazing... hope some day my di will also feel so.. :D

Satyu said...


thanku dear :)
ofcourse yes..ur dii must b missing u for sure but mayb shz nt expressing it :)


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