Friday, August 28, 2009

Canvas Of My Life...

Time has stopped filling its colours on the canvas of my life

I thought the most beautiful part has come to an end

Dry leaves and dust feeble the canvas

Slowly those memories have started fleeting

I gave one more chance to my life

I started a new beginning

Suddenly a strong wind blew over the canvas

And now it looks as fresh as it was before

12 Feelings Expressed:

Amal Bose said...

powerful words conveying an awesome message..
Ur willingness to giv one more chance to life made all the difference.. we shd never giv up anything bcoz of some set backs or anything.. we all shd move forward with optimism and that strong wind will blow over our lifes too to make it clean.. wonderful post :-)

The Aspirant said...

great words yaar.......
well so d first thing u did tday is to put a blog post gud.......
well many many happy returns of the day


HaRy!! said...

real swell lines!! i used to think always abt second chance in life...for all the mistakes....! nice write..hope to cya around

H a R y

swati said...

Wow!!ur pick of words is amazing..
n so beautifully u convey ur message thru ur posts!!
Loved it!!
Take care!

Sowmi said...

Very emotionally penned with beautiful message hidden in it Satyu :)

Satyu said...


Yup.. It jus depends on our attitude.
Thanku very much dear :)
keep smiling

Satyu said...

@The Aspirant

haha.. yeah
thanku very much for ur comment n wishes :)

Satyu said...


thanku very much yaar :)

Satyu said...


thanks alot dear :)

Satyu said...


thanku dear

keepsmiling:) said...

@ Satyu : thanks for droppin by :)
now abt ur ur blog :
1. it has becum my fav coz of the black background :)
2. loved the title of the blog ... its gives a real sense of liberty.
3. all n all 10 stars :)
happy blogging :)

Satyu said...


Oh wow..ur fav one..Im honoured :)
Thanks alott for that sweet comment :)

10 stars wowww..
thanks alott

Welcome to my blog :)
keep smiling :)