Thursday, September 17, 2009

56 Hours..!!

Sakshi had a very big fight with her love. He suddenly left her without uttering a word. So heres her dairy entry at n around 8 pm.


Where are you?

Why did you ever leave me?

Every second cuts me in to pieces.

Come back..

Come back to me, I promise I will never fight with you again related to any thing any single thing. Please come back. Im alone all alone . Im incomplete without you.Please come back…:((

I still remember how our fight started. It was none of us mistake . The situation and the time created those misunderstandings. I know I hurt you though you tell me I can never hurt you. But I know you were hurt..

Its because of your patience everything got sorted out.

I thought that was the end of our fight. I never knew what you were thinking. Whether you considered it as the end of the fight our the end of our beautiful relation. I din hear a word from you. I called you a hundred times you never picked the call nor replied to any of my messages .

Its raining now…raining as if the sky is in terrible pain and its not able to stop its tears just like me. So its letting the tears come out as rain.

I always loved to get drench in the rain with you. Dance like a crazy with you. Eating icecream at the parlour and later eating samosa chat and drinking hot coffee at those small stalls….I miss them.

I miss you.

Its being 56 hours since I last spoke to you.

I need you. I want you.. come back.. Im not able to stop these tears. Im not even able to stand properly. Im just falling down. Come back ..come back and give me your hand raise me up and give me your shoulder to lean upon.

Come back.

I promise to make you happy. I will listen to every single word you say I will. Just come back to me.

Im numb. Not able to do anything except crying for you and praying to god to send you back to me.

Im striving to hear a word from you.

Please come back….

I just cry all the time. My pillow is wet with endless tears. I donno when Im sleeping at night. All I know is I want you to be back. I wakeup with your thoughts and again start crying and praying for you. Sometimes dreadful thoughts are coming to if you are in some trouble.

Oh god.. please help him please save him from every trouble and give those sufferings to me. Please be with him god. Please….

After two hours i.e at 10pm she was standing on her terrace to hide her tears in the rain.

Suddenly a flash of light stuck her. She could see some one running towards her house.

In the next flash she could identify that person.

It was her love. She was overwhelmed with joy. She ran down with bare foot. She ran on to the road and started running towards him.

She stopped before him. Both of them were gasping. She immediately hugged him. He could see the tears in her eyes and hugged her and said

“What happened honey.. why are you crying? “

She din utter a word and hugged him tightly.

They both remained the same for few minutes.

After few minutes he hold her and made her comfortable in his arms and then asked the reason.

She said “ I Love You”

He said “I Love You too Honey”

She said “ Don you ever dare to leave me.. Never ever..”

He said “ No never.. I will never leave you”

She said “ Promise”

He said “I promise you dear “ (And kissed her on her forehead)

After sometime she said “Why did you leave me.. leave me all alone . Where did you go?”

He said “Dear even you know these days Im busy attending medical camps, suddenly I got a call from our senior doctor to attend a camp so I had to leave immediately “

She said “You should have atleast told me.. don you care for me ? “

He said “I called you.. I called you a million times.. It always said number unreachable..

so what should I do? “

She said “You should have atleast called me from that place”

He said “You know it is impossible.. but still I know how much you are worried about me.. so I tried calling you but due to these heavy rains all telephone lines have crashed”

She said “hmm.. I missed you.. I missed you alott… “

He said “I know dear.. even I was missing you..thatsy I din evn wait for the bus I just started running as soon as I reached the station just to meet you.”

She hugged him again and said.. “ I love you.. I love you so much”

He said…”I love you more than that honey"

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Amal Bose said...

that was so intense n completely filled with tense emotions..
and a perfect ending too :)
good work :)
take care

HaRy!! said...

i loved question abt it... when yu leav someone untold...i know the pain.., as i saw the pic i thought OMG, not an another sad deep story...but after that it made me bliss and very happy for yu (thats yu right? dont tell me its fiction...if so yu are making a heck outta it)!...cheers...pls write more and lemme know...cya around :)


Meow said...

the words in green color.. is so touchy.. thats how someone is feeling right now!

Satyu said...


Thanku dear :)

Keep Smiling :)

Satyu said...


Oh wow.. thanku
thanku very much for such a beautiful comment :)

Well.. Its not yeah.. I hv been in a similar I cn say.. Dis 1 is an inspired version :)

Thanks again.
Keep smiling :)

Satyu said...



Takecare dear

swati said...

wow..i mean W...O...W!!! :)
this is all i had to say..:)

Satyu said...


Oh. wow..
thats so sweet of you :)

Thanku :)

Keep smiling

vAnDaNa sLaThIa said...

beautifully written

bt ur blog burned my eyes

its too dark & that scarlet red on it

was jus too bright fr my eyes

The Aspirant said...

its really quite gud wrk......
getting some hope frm dese wrds nw... ;)


Neev said...

atlast they both r together now..??

Arnav said...

Nice .. beautiful.. :)

Keep Writing and Smiling :)

Satyu said...


Welcome to my world :)

And I'm sorry..
I like dark colours so thtsy I my background is black, I used that red coz those lines were full of feelings esp love and U knw tht red depicts love ofcourse anger too but here it is love :)

Thanks for dropping by..
Hope to see you around.
Keep Smiling :)

Satyu said...


Thanks yaar.

we should always live with a hope, its the ray of light which makes us survive in this world :D :)

Keep Smiling :)

Satyu said...



Probably their souls are together put physically the are far apart.
And they don even knw tht their souls are bound together :)

Keep Smiling :)

Satyu said...


Welcome to my world :)

Thanku very much for ur comment :)

Hope to see you around.
Keep Smiling :)

Anonymous said...

ao touching..! i am following u :)

Satyu said...

Thanku Pinkzz :)

Welcome to my world :)

Keep Smiling :)

workhard said...

That was a relief to know.. i didnt want this one to end on a sad note....

Nice twist...

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Satyu said...


welcome to my world :)
Thanku very much :)

Keep Smiling
Hope to c ya around.