Monday, September 28, 2009

My Last Wish...

Each and every moment I spent with you

I lived in Eden

You closed my eyes and took me to an unknown place

I never asked you about the place coz I had faith in you

I was enjoying being in your cosy arms

Though I was blind folded with your gentle hands

I never bothered about the place.

You took me to a place where I could feel the air touching me

The air was gushing into my veins

It was pure as you

You asked me to count to 5 and then open my eyes

I never wanted to cheat you

Coz I trusted you

Trusted you more than anyone in my life






I opened my eyes

Im standing on the top of a hill.

Clouds were right above me.

I could even touch them.

It was splendid

It would have been a promised land if you were with me

I turned back

I din see you anywhere

I was standing alone

All alone at the edge of the cliff

I called you..

I called your name

I could just hear my echo but never a reply from you

Now Im like a dark cloud raining continuously

I cried , I yelled , I screamed

But you never returned

I wanted to call you but my voice din support me

It never understood what you are to me as my heart does

Now Im at the end of my life

And my only wish is to see you

See you once

And die in your arms.

Can you fulfill my wish ?

My last wish…

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Amal Bose said...

it might sound repetitive.. but all of ur posts are so fully filled with intense emotions..
loved this post..but i dont know..the ending was shdnt be treated as the end. there is always an alternative..

Amal Bose said...
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Satyu said...


Thanku Amal :)

Well.. why do you see it as the end.
Maybe if that person comes back and maybe his touch tender touch can bring her back to life :)
Its just.. maybe..

Keep Smiling :)

HaRy!! said...

kinda very emotional this was.... if's and maybe is all the answer i guess? the pain of no return...i cant imagine :(!... hope yu OK there!

Meow said...

Very depressing!

Satyu said...


Hey Im fine.
This kinda fiction.
You please don worry about it :)

Keep Smiling :)

And Thanku very much :)

Satyu said...



takecare dear

Satish said...
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Satish said...

A heart touching one as usual :( :)

PULKIT said...

this was a blissful read!
from heaven of love to hallows of pain and unfulfilment - it was truly worth being a part of - emotions set free!

PS - it seemed autobiographical, rather then fictious

~*~ Jal Pari ~*~ said...

A very heart touching poem!

You are an amazing writer :).

Keep penning!

Dhanya said...


Anonymous said...

i loved it :)

Sorcerer said...

that was really beautiful.
keep up the good work

Satyu said...


Thanku dear :)

Keep Smiling

Satyu said...

Oh wow.. tht was more than jus a comment,means a lott to me.

Thanku :) poems nt jus mine even the poems which I read in ur blog I feel they are true I mean..ur gng through all those thngs.
I donno whether Im rite or wrong.

But the poems which I pen down arey a bit of fiction n real.

So it depends on the way you see,which part to be considered as real and which one as depends on you. :)

Takecare yaar
Keep Smiling :)

Satyu said...

@Jal Pari

thanku very much dear :)

Keep SMiling :)

Satyu said...




Satyu said...


I'm glad that you loved it :)

Thanku very much:)


Satyu said...


Welcome to my blog :)

Thanku very much :)

Hope to see you around.
Keep Smiling :)

workhard said...

That was sad.. a trust broken.. and a lot of pain

good work...

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Satyu said...



Thanku :)