Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love Is Blind..!!

They love eachother,

They crave for one another,

Their life is meaningless without the other,

So they are together.

They walk hand in hand,

Walk like they have no destination.

But they never realized that,

They are walking on the two parallel rails

Which can never meet.

13 Feelings Expressed:

Arv said...

a lovely twisted take on love :)

Arnav said...

Love - quite a enigma in itself :)

Well even if the tracks do not meet, but at least they are together forever ...

Love is not about achieving the other person it is more about the feeling " love" :)

Sneha said...

Love is binding and mysterious. isn't it?

Nicely written.:)

Charmed One! said...

beautifully written!!! :)
hope the love tracks do criss cross at some point :) ...

The Amateur Poet said...

er yeah, I agree with Arv.. lovely take yet twisted too :D

maybe they're tracks can criss cross at an intersection and the can meet at the junction :)

The Aspirant said...

well dats nicely written
sumtyms ppl r destined to move on parallel paths, no matter dey want or not coz dat a decision of destiny nd no1 cn do nethin abt it....
and new template is too gud........:)

SatyU said...


Welcome Back buddy :)
So happy to see you here :)

Thanks alott :)

SatyU said...


Its more about the feeling than any other material things :)

Thanku :)

SatyU said...


It is blind , mysterious.
Its enigmatic its everything,Its beyond anyones imagination and is best when its experienced :)


SatyU said...

@Charmed One

Lets just hope for the best :)
Thanku :)


SatyU said...


Thanks alott Leo , those words do help someone to keep the faith and pray for the best :)


SatyU said...

@The Aspirant

hmm.. But they say We are the creators of our own destiny. Is this wrong?
Are we supposed to dance on the tunes of others or try build our own song and enjoy the life the way we want?

Thanku yaar

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