Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm Listening..!!


Im listening..


Yeah Im listening..

Yeahh, Im listening..


Yes Im listening..


(Long Silence)

Thats it.


Im tired.

Im tired of listening to others.

Im tired of being the one who understands everything.

Im tired of being good to others.

Im tired of compromising.

Im tired.

I dont wanna listen anything.

Do you understand? Im tired.

Leave me alone!!


I wanna break out.

I wanna shout.

I wanna break every single relation.

I wanna run.

I dont wanna listen to anyone,not even my heart.

I just wanna run away .

I wanna run till I loose my breathe.

I wanna fall down and fall apart.

I wanna cry.

Cry till it rains.

Let the rain drench me completely.

Let it meet my tears and carry them with it.

Let it absorb all the pain in me.

Let it free my soul today.

I wanna set my soul free today.

Yes I wanna be free today.

P.S: Guys , Im absolutely fine :) . I was very frustrated last night. Nothing is going the way I want it to go. Disappointment , Frustration , Love , Hate , every single emotion was running in my mind. Can just say that I was facing an emotional turmoil. Thats it.

Nothing serious Friends :)

Thanku all :)


14 Feelings Expressed:

Ur Frnd said...

hmmmm [:|]

SatyU said...

@Ur Frnd

Dun worry Thamudu.. Im fine :)


HaRy!! said...

Hey satyu... must say... touching.... i always quite relate yur writings with mine !... deeper inside me

PinkZz said...

it happens wid me too.. :)
touching post .

The Aspirant said...

awesum post...........
sumthin dat i hav inside already..

Shas said...

Hmm....happens. There are times when we need to take a bit of a break from being so nice n angelic.

Take break n pamper yourself also n not jus others.

Chill !!

SatyU said...

@The Aspirant

I know yaar :)

SatyU said...


Welcome to my world :)

hmm.. yeah. Sometimes I really feel like taking a break but some things can never be changed , so do I :)

Thanku :)

Arv said...

am glad that you let your words complete the healing :)

take care mate... cheers...

SatyU said...

thanku :)

Charmed One! said...

hey hope you are ok now .. i know am sorta very late at asking this ;) ..

but you have penned down the emotions amazingly!!!

Dhanya said...

Thank God for the P.S at the end :O

SatyU said...

@Charmed One!

Its never too late :)
Thanku so much.
Yeah Im fine :)


SatyU said...


haha.. Thanku :)