Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fill Me With Colors

Fill me with peace,

Enlighten me with purity and light,

Fill me with White.

Fill me with loyalty ,

Honor me with your friendship,

Fill me with yellow.

Fill me with hope,

Show me the beauty of life and nature,

Fill me with Green.

Fill me with truth,

Tempt me with the taste of heaven.

Fill me with Blue

Fill me with sorrows,

Make me suffer,

Fill me with Purple.

Fill me with strength,

Give me the power to endure,

Fill me with Orange.

Fill me with desire,

Make me blush,

Be gentle, heal the pain within and set me free,

Fill me with Pink.

Fill me with passion,

Set me on fire,

Captivate me with your love,

Seduce me with your charm,

Fill me with Red.

Whenever you feel it’s the end,

Make a new start,

Fill me with black,

Fill me with all the colors again.

P.S: Friends , colors have many beautiful definitions. It just depends on the way we look or define them and this is my definition of colors.

8 Feelings Expressed:

Arnav said...

Nice ..
loved the way you have compared each color with human emotions .... and just like all colors make our life beautiful , all the emotions make our life worth living :)

HaRy!! said...

well never knew the power of colors! nice satyu... thankfully not a dark post from yu... bcos it makes me feel and cry :(... so gud yu are at those

lakshmi said...

lovely way of expressing colors in our life

The Aspirant said...

beautiful definition of colours...

SatyU said...

Thanku Arnav :)
Yup.. a mix of all these colors makes a painting beautiful so does the emotions :)


SatyU said...

Huh.. Thankgod.
This time your comment , din scare or shocked me.
HEhehe.. jus kidding ;) :)
Thanku so much Hary :)


SatyU said...


Thanku so much :)

SatyU said...

@The Aspirant

Thanku yaar :)