Friday, June 19, 2009

Broken Pieces...!!

Life is never predictable. Noone knows how our life changes. Everything changes in a blink of an eye. Nothing turns out to be the way we want. There is always an unexpected twist in everything. What ever we expect we don’t get the same result. When I ask some one about this they just smile say “Life mein aise twists nahi hai tho maza kaisa ayega yaar? (If life is predictable then there wont be any kind of excitement) “ . Well that is true but how many of us seriously believe in that . Can you just keep your hand on your heart and tell me that you are happy with the way life takes its turn? Very few people agree with that. And even I can’t say that I’m happy with everything. No…there is nothing like that. But I was very confident that I can make everything right. But when my friend blames me that I broke her heart and considers me the reason for the breakup with her bestfriend…which I can never ever do… not even in my wildest dreams.... I was fallen apart . I was broken… it really took a lot of time to join these pieces and get back. Before I could really digest anything again life took its toll. People whom I never wanted to see again are back….they are right in front of me. People whom I desperately wanted to be back never came back to me but people who just shattered me in to pieces are back. I don’t know where this life wants to take me but I can just tell that each and every moment it is just breaking me in to million pieces and this time I’m afraid whether these pieces can ever be joined again or not.

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Arv said...

Without those twists... I feel that life would be boring :)

take care da... all will be well :)

Satyu said...


thanku Arv
keep smiling :)

Amal Bose said...

what can i say.. sometimes life sucks..
take care :)

The Aspirant said...

Dis ws really awesum yaar...........
More den i cn ever xpect frm u.....
keep up d gr8 wrk...

Satyu said...

yeah...smtyms Life really sucks...
but smtyms we feel that its the best

Jus learnt tht it depends on the way we look at it or the way we choose to look at life :)

thanku Amal
keep smiling :)

Satyu said...

@The Aspirant

thanku very much :)

hope to see u around :)
keep smiling

Neev said...

don't be aftraid sattu.. itz life.. and itz must go on..!! ;)


Satyu said...

Hehehe...yup ur rite Neev

thanku :)

Shivraj said...

Dear its not the changes which break us, its our reaction to those changes which breaks us :)

As changes occur everyday for some we react for others we ignore :)
Just try to control ur reactions to changes

Take care :)

Satyu said...

Yup are rite
thanks for everything you taught me bro..will keep it in mind..

thanks once again

keep smiling :)

Sowmi said...

life is a confusing maze.. its in your hands to find the way out the maze da :) sounding like a philosopher??? you'll know so many personal things of mine when u read my blog :)

take care....

Satyu said...


you are rite..its really like a maze..and it depends on our inner instincts and the zeal to get out of it :)
thanku dear

keepsmiling :)