Saturday, June 27, 2009

..that day I never wanted the sun to leave us......

It was the day before my bro boarded the flight to London .

The day which will remain in our memory forever .The day when I slept for just 2 n ½ hrs . I would rather say I was in a semi sleep condition. Coz the only thing in my mind was my bro is leaving us and noone knows when I can see him again. Ofcourse he will be sending us pics n all but still seeing him directly is different from looking him in the pics.

Right from the morning our relatives , friends and everyone was visiting our place to talk my bro . My bro and I were really pissed off coz we are in a hurry with the last minute packing and these guys are making it a bit difficult for us. That day I wanted to completely spend it with my bro. I know that was impossible but still was praying that atleast at night we both can sleep in our room me on my small little bed any my bro on his big bed . I still remember the days when the light in our room is ON almost the whole night . Its because my bro reads at night and I study in the morning . He always used to tell me..sis please switch off the light and go and read in the hall my head is aching . I never used to listen to him but yeah after sometime I used to shift to the hall.

In these 18 years there is not even a single day when we didn’t quarrel with eachother. Trust me we were even taken to a temple and we swear to god that we wont fight with eachother and don’t use abusive language(At that time calling him a Pig , donkey or any other animal is considered to be an abusive language :D). Lol it was just for a day no..only for few hours.Then again we were on the battle ground.

Those days … days of innocence, fighting, threatening eachother , complaining to our parents , crying for very silly things are now our most precious memories. :)

I can say my bro is an nocturnal…he sleeps late at night and gets up late in the morning. Damn opposite to me. Even that day he got up around 11 I guess (I don remember the time) and rushed to the bathroom and got ready and went out with his bestfriend . Leaving all the work on us . I was really very angry on him coz during the packing he should be here to know where exactly we are keeping his things . Then I received a call from my bro he said “dear can you just prepare a sheet listing the things which you are keeping in the bag please…”when I said “okay”….he said “clearly!!(in that stupid authority tone )“ I told my dad and he ordered me to sit with him and help him in the packing . Alas I was made to sit there and note down everything . We were weighing the suitcases coz there is a limit to the weight we carry.

The sun slowly started to lower the intensity of its rays. That day I never wanted the sun to leave us. But… I cant stop the time right? . That day was very short very very short for us. The moon was right up in the sky but there is no sigh of my brother . Everyone was worried about him. Dad was scolding us . That day dad was like an volcano which is ready to erupt with its frustration and anger. Atlast my bro returned home at 10 pm. My dad was at the verge of his anger but somehow we stopped the volcano from bursting .

He had his dinner. After seeing my bro all my wrath has vanished. And my wish of sleeping in our room was not fulfilled. My relatives occupied our room :( .

Only few hours are left ….

Everyone is sleeping happily but there were four people who were awake. They are my mom , bro and his bestfriend and me. My bro bought a new harddisk drive and told me to transfer all the important files in to it. I din hesitate to do it and soon was on my work of transferring.

It was 2:30 am , my bro was telling me to sleep but I din listen to him coz I know at this moment this is the only thing which I can do to my bro and it is important. I even played the role of a photographer and took some pics of everyone at that time :D .

I told my bro to have a nap coz he has to getup by 5am and assured him that I will complete the work. He was trying to sleep but that night the sleep fairy spared us from her mighty power. Everyone was trying to sleep but our eyes were never ready to close.

Soon the sun was out showering its blessings on us through his radiant rays and wishing my bro All The Best for his new life. Everyone was physically ready to face the deadly separation but mentally noone is prepared everyone of us wanted to stop the time.

It was 6:30am..according to our plan by this time we have to be there in the airport but we were still at our place. Finally after a series of scolding from our dad we left to the airport. Even all our bacha party people came to the airport. Everyone was smiling and excited. When we reached there we din have the time to talk to bro coz we were already late. He said the final byee and checked in. We were waiting for my bro just to have a small glimpse of him again. But he din see back. In a sad mood we were standing there.. and started to click some pics. Suddenly one of my friend came to me and said……..

hey your brother is there..he is searching for you. I was overwhelmed with joy and hurried to that place. For the first time I saw a fake smile in my bro’s face he was worried… till now he never stayed away from our home. It’s a very emotional situation but he was brave enough to stop his tears..coz if he breaks at that time my mom and everyone who are stopping their tears from long time will start crying.

It was time for the final goodbye. He left us and went inside the airport. Noone was in a happy mood. We returned to our home. Everyone was silent. I was moving here and there in the home keeping myself busy in the things helping my mom. But suddenly I saw tears in my dads eyes…and at that moment I couldn’t stop my tears. I went out..and started to cry. How much ever we quarrel with eachother at the end of the day he is my bro whom I love the most in this world. I’m nothing without him…. nothing…..

I can just say that… He is the best Bro in this whole world. I share everything with him…every little thing even when I got the library card in my college I was waiting for my bro to tell this. We shared a very special relation. For the outer world we always fight with eachother but we know we cannot live without eachother.

I just wanna say

“I Love You annaya(bro)…and I really miss you alott..come back soon annaya(bro)” :)

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Sowmi said...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy wow!! good that you've written a post for your bro... Jus two days back I wrote about my sister :)

Beautiful post dedicated to your bro... lovely lovely.. ask your bro to read this da... He'll feel very happy :)

Arv said...

Wishing you bro the best :)

Dont worry, I hope he gets to read this... and that he comes back soon...

he must be really proud to have a sis like you :)

take care... cheers...

Anonymous said...

lovely one sats >:D< love u..... ur bro will b happy in his life cos he has a sis lik u...

wish u both all success in life..

Shivraj said...

Very well expressed Satya :)

Not only ur brother, it will bring back memories to many people :)

Take care :)

The Aspirant said...

Haven't read anything better than this till now.................
Can't say anything more..........

Satyu said...


yup..I read ur post..thts really a very gud1... :)

thanku dear:)

Satyu said...

thanku thanku very much Arv :)

Actually he ws here for 10 days in Feb... :)

takecare buddy
keep smiling

Satyu said...


Thanku Aichu...>:D< We ll be successful coz we are blessed with such a sweet and loving frnd like u:)
love u too
takecare dear
keep smiling

Satyu said...

Thanku annaya :)
I knw evn u r missing ur family..I wish you get back soon and spend a wonderful time with ur family.. :)

Satyu said...

@The Aspirant

and another thanks for following my blog :)

Neev said...

I can just say.. that will try to don't tease my di.. :P as she also hav to go one day..:)

well, Sattu I can feel that tears of ur's, in my eyes...

Satyu said...


koi na yaar..those teasings n all are most cherishable moments of our life :)

n appke dii keliye..Bon voyage :)

keepsmiling :)