Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I am Jealous...

I’m jealous of a newborn baby

Coz by his arrival everyone in the family are happy

I’m jealous of a months baby

Coz he doesn’t know what tension means

I’m jealous of a Nursery kid

Coz he just plays games with his friends but not with his mind

I’m jealous about an 5th standard kid

Coz he can break a precious article but never the heart of a man

I’m jealous about a 10th standard kid

Coz he can still play games with his friends though he has a very

important exam before him

I’m jealous about a +2 student

Coz parents take a lot of care about him

I’m jealous about an average engineering student

Coz he enjoys his life to the fullest yet scores a satisfactory grade

I’m jealous about a guy who got a campus placement

Coz there is no need for him to search for a job

I’m jealous about my brother

Coz he got his true love

I’m jealous about a happily married person

Coz he found his true love in the name of his wife

I’m jealous about my grandparents

Coz they don’t have anything to worry about as their

children are well settled

I’m jealous about my self

Coz I enjoy each and every moment of my life

14 Feelings Expressed:

Shivraj said...

And I m jealous of your writing skill :P

Great work once more :)

Take care

Amal Bose said...

im jealous of myself for having a good frnd as u.. :)

nice write up

take care

Arv said...

well... we all do :)

take care da... cheers...

Satyu said...


hahaha...thanku bro :)

Satyu said...


So do I Amal :)

thanku :)

keepsmiling :)

Satyu said...


Thanku Arv :)

keep smiling :)

Sowmi said...

beautiful post... keep em coming sats....... shall i call you sats ???? :O

Neev said...

sattu.. u r too good.. ;)

But I'm not jealous.. bcoz.. I hav such a friend like u...:)

all the best sattu... keep writting..;)


Satyu said...

Thanku Sowmi

yeah no probs at all..u an call me wid any name:)
n thanks for following my blog dear

keep smiling:)

Satyu said...


Thanku Neev..


DPhatsez said...

R.E.S.P.E.C.T! \m/

Satyu said...


Thanku buddy:)

N welcome to my blog..hope to see you around :)

Anonymous said...

others r jealous i hv a frnd lik u >:D<

Satyu said...


hehehe..thanku >:D<